The story I love telling the most is that of how SUGAR MAMA came to be.

It was January of 2018 and I had just started making soap.  The soap was just going to be for my husband and I, of which I reassured both him, and myself.  As I continued to experiment and make each little labor of love, I thought "this is fun!"  I also thought "these would make great hostess gifts."  

And so I continued on making soap.   

The next train of thought took my soap making up a notch.  I thought, well if Tupperware can start out with parties at home, why can't I?  I'll make a bunch of soap and invite some gals over and see if it sells.  

And so I continued  making much more soap.  

It was during this time when my husband's daughter came home and asked, "Hil, why are you making all of this soap?"  My reply effortlessly rolled off the tongue, "because I'm going to be your Dad's SUGAR MAMA someday!"  To that she replied, "well you're going to have to make a whole lot of soap."  And there it was.  Just as pure and simple as that.  I knew I had to make a sugar scrub, and aptly name it SUGAR MAMA.

The most frequent comment I get about the sinful scrub is "I'm obsessed." 

I'm very grateful there are so many out there who love it as much as I do!   To all of the SUGAR MAMA devotees, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Pure and Simple.


aka. Sugar Mama